Dienstag, 12. Oktober 2010

theAtlantic: What Aging Can Teach Us About Happiness - George Vaillant (Video)

Happiness isn’t about ‘me’: You can put yourself in positions where happiness lies – like gardening, for instance- but the act becomes about doing it for someone else. You garden to take care of the plants – not for the plants to make you a winner at horticulture).

Have something to prove: Be good at what you do best – figure out what you love, what you’re best at, and do it. Enjoy the very human process – it may take time, but at least you’ll have fun doing it.

Real happiness: a full laundry room can symbolize a full life surrounded by people with whom you are active and busy. Enjoy where you are now

The take-away lesson:
Nothing is perfect – happiness is playing, working and loving – and loving is the most important.

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