Samstag, 12. Februar 2011

Nielsen Report: The Globale Impact of an Aging World

Nielsen's Report does not tell a "new" story, but it breaks down some information for 53 countries (and regions). According to Nielsen many factors point in the same direction in the same direction, but are on a different timeline ...

How old is old?

Planned age to retire?

What do you plan to do after retirement?

Active internet audience composition in %, Dec 2010 (home/work locations)

From the announcement:
The Global Impact of an Aging World provides answers to critical questions to help marketers better understand how to navigate the growing aging marketplace:

- Why are we getting older?
- How old is old?
- When can I retire?
- How will I fund retirement?
- How will I spend my time?
- How will I spend my money?

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