Freitag, 29. April 2011

Age Appropriate Design of Advertisements: An Economic-Gerontological Approach

by Meiners, Norbert H. (Prof. Dr.), Rester, David (Dr.), Them, Christa (Prof. Dr.), Seeberger, Bernd (Prof. Dr.) UMIT, Health and Life Sciences University, Institut of Gerontology and Demographic Development, Hall/Tyrol, Austria

"There is a marked difference as to how advertising is perceived and effects the older and the younger generations and this in turn has implications regarding the design of print advertising. This paper presents prevailing approaches regarding the design of print advertising for the elderly and recommends procedures for optimising content and layout. For this, narrative systematic publications were thoroughly reviewed and collated. The question how the elderly evaluate print advertising and what expectations they have was analysed. The outcome of this was that the elderly not only wished to have appropriate advertising but found it to be absolutely essential. How older people deal with the retailers promotional flood of advertising is still unanswered. In a next step an empirical study will be carried out how elderly people evaluate this regular flow of newspaper advertisements of the extremely active retail market in Germany, and ways of optimising and improving advertising for this age group." ISSN: 2229-6158

ePaper 9 pg., PDF

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