Sonntag, 5. Mai 2013

Richard Adler's '7 Challenges of an Aging Society'

My friend David Bunnell reported on Unfrazzle (a Blog related to his latest project Unfrazzle - The Family Caregiver's Assistant) about a panel discussion on The Challenge of an Aging Society (April 29, 2013). His report concentrates on Richard Adler's "7 Challenges / Chances of an Aging Society" and provides an excellent summary on the challenges and how the society might use them for the better.

Challenge 1: Reinvent Healthcare

Challenge 2: Reinventing Senior Services

Challenge 3: Reinventing Senior Housing and Long Term Care

Challenge 4: Create Virtual Retirement Communities

Challenge 5: Reinventing Retirement

Challenge 6: Reinventing Life Stages

Challenge 7: Reinvent Social Work

Reading Davids report, I remembered a TEDx session with Richard Adler on the Challenges and Chances of Aging (published last year) - about 25 min., well spend!

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